Times & Locations

9:00am to 10:00am (All ages)
St John's Parish Hall, Marlpit Lane (B276)
Old Coulsdon

About; Flexibility Training

Flexibility is often an important part of any sport or activity. Our instructors will lead you through effective stretching routines and show you correct technique.

The majority of the training will focus on partner and assisted stretching. This provides you with the extra push often needed for improvement. You will also be shown stretches you can practice on your own.

Training includes a light warm up and warm down to put your muscles the best condition for stretching as well as both dynamic and static stretching.

Increased flexibility will aid balance, range and ease of movement, speed and help prevent injury. Also flexible muscles use less energy in moving so help you feel fitter and last longer in any activity.

Our sessions will benefit people taking part in all sorts of sports, from dance and martial arts to rugby and tennis.