Times & Locations

8:30pm to 9:30pm (Ages 12 to adult) (Class is currently closed and will reopen in 2014)
Godstone Baptist Church
Godstone Hill, Godstone, RH9 8AJ

About; Hapkido

Hapkido includes explosive kicks and sweeps, a diverse range of locks, blocks and strikes for close quarters combat and some of the most practical falls, rolls, breaks and throws of all the martial arts. Hapkido is the study of body mechanics and joint manipulation. All these aspects form an attacking and defensive combat system. 

HoShinMooSul Hapkido (the style we teach) is a very direct and effective form of Hapkido that has stripped out many of the more artistic and unrealistic movements that can be found in other styles. HoShinMooSul uses techniques that will work in real life. Body conditioning and fitness are also important aspects of the Hapkido training we offer.

The style of Hapkido practiced is HoSinMooSul a style developed by Grand Master Lee Kwan Young (9th Dan Hapkido & 9th Dan Taekwondo) in Paris. Master Lee Kwan Young has developed this system following his many years of martial arts, military and police experience. Our Hapkido club is called Chung Yong Hapkido. For more information on Chung Yong visit: www.chungyongtkd.co.uk 

As you progress in your training you will take practical exams (gradings) to move on to your next belt. The speed at which you progress depends on the amount you train and the speed at which you learn. Grading is not compulsory, you are welcome to train just for fun as and when you like.

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